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What a yum-yum...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yes, my update after however many months is going to be a survey :)
Anyway, the people who read this know what's going on in my life regardless. Aka unemployment and that's about it! Moving to DC in less than 2 months!!!!!!!!!
surveyCollapse )

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

5:49PM - random things

Ok, so everyone is doing the 25 random things about yourself on facebook, but facebook notes are a little too "out there" for me so I figured I'd do them on my livejournal...which hasn't been updated for waaaay too long!
Soooo here we go:
1. My secret dream is to be a dancer or gymnast...since I was little. I don't know why but I love it. I think that's why I like yoga, it's about the closest I'll get to being able to move my body like a gymnast!
2. I haven't voluntarily eaten meat in about three or four months (I say voluntarily because when you're on a train and honestly don't have much of a choice...pepperoni will have to be ignored.)
3. This is no secret, but I wish I was still in Europe right now even though it's totally unrealistic. I miss so many things about it. But life is a lot calmer in a few ways at BW so that's good.
4. I still don't really like BW all that much. I like my professors and sometimes my classes, and of course I love my friends. But overall I'm way ready to move on.
5. I'm applying for masters' programs in sustainable development and am soooo excited to go to grad school.
6. But, I want to take a year off and do AmeriCorps NCCC first. Especially after reading Anderson Cooper's autobio talking about hurricane Katrina, I really think this is what I should do next year.
7. I'm kind of hypoglycemic or something similar and thus am ALWAYS hungry. But when I say I NEED to eat...I mean it. My goal is to never pass out from low blood sugar again!
8. I lost 15 lbs in Europe and couldn't believe it when I came home. I'm trying hard to keep off the weight but I don't know how it'll go!
9. I want to go everywhere. Really. Deserts, rainforests, frozen tundra (especially that for some reason), glaciers, mountains, cities, farmland- I honestly would go anywhere in the world. Even places I don't know anything about. I hope I keep this sense of adventure for a long long time.
10. I have A LOT of political opinions. But I don't really like debating them because I'm not very good at articulating myself, but I like to hear others' viewpoints and will usually tell you mine.
11. I want to learn Swedish. And Russian. And Polish apparently. I love languages and I'm really happy I'm taking French now. I'm also happy that my German skills still exist after too long of nonuse.
12. I got an A+ on my first German composition and this makes me really happy. Dr. Hollender is a tough grader so I'm VERY pleased to be starting off the semester well.
13. I'm taking way too many classes this semester, like the equivalent of 22.5 credits. This is a problem because I really just want to enjoy life and not worry so much about schoolwork. Also a problem because I'm super busy from around 9-5 every day so it's really hard to run errands.
14. I love love love to read. And I have some fairly trashy stuff I love to read and I don't care, like Gossip Girl. And I really like Twilight and the 3rd book just came in for me at the library! :)
15. I only drink diet pop. I know that the fake sugar will probably give me cancer but honestly about 99% of what we do will probably give us cancer. Once I have a real kitchen and enough time I want to start eating really well and really fresh and then hopefully I won't want pop anymore.
16. There's a lot about food in here. But the only meat item that has tempted me lately is those damn stack-a-bowls in the union (like the KFC things with chicken and mashed potatoes). They look so good but I know it'll make me feel really gross.
17. I'm not really kidding when I say that I want to adopt Asian babies. And I mean it when I say that if I haven't found an amazing guy by that time then I would adopt with Margaret if I could. On that note, I would love to find my Jim Halpert but if it takes a while then so be it. There's a lot more in life than that but sometimes it gets me really frustrated. And I can't seem to stay away from boys even when I know they're bad news.
18. I've been to the World's Largest Big Mac. Don't hate.
19. I used to make fun of girls who wore sweatpants to class but since I bought a super comfy pair of BW sweatpants I'm obsessed with them. I refuse to wear them to class but the library and dining hall are occasionally fair game. I know right....
20. Even though things at BW are so different this semester I'm happy with life here. I have a few good friends and more nice acquaintances than I realized.
21. I really miss my family, especially my mom, even though they're only 25 miles away. I probably miss them more here than I did in Europe.
22. I'm really obsessed with The Office. It makes me really happy, gives me something to focus on and talk about with friends. And Jim and Pam together make me happy inside. I also watch a lot of TLC lately, but What Not To Wear is not the same without my mom! And the Gosselin children from Jon and Kate + 8 are so damn adorable I can't stand it.
23. This past summer was really amazing. I have a lot of good memories from it (aside from babysitting but that could have been worse as well) and I remember feeling so happy and content lying on Julie's bed with her and Margaret with our coconut rum smoothies (deeelish) watching The Office...basically a perfect moment.
24. I'm trying to be less socially awkward and avoidant. It has had good results thus far but is a very conscious process for me.
25. I'm very idealistic and passionate and optimistic and I wouldn't want to be any other way. I do want to learn to focus and concentrate better because my mind's usually all over the place.

That was a lot of Ellen right there, wow.

Life back at BW is okay as previously mentioned. I have my own room, which is nice. Way way bigger than in Geneva. I feel pretty out of place here, but I have enough going on to occupy myself and push through. I'm so far not as busy as usual which is WEIRD- but I have more time to myself which is amazing. It's the no-boyfriend thing that's giving me so much more time and it's fantastic. I talk to and spend time with my friends so much more and I love that. Last night I sat in the Cyber Cafe and talked to Janelle while she worked for almost 3 hours and that was great to have the time for that. I'm still getting really stressed out and migraine-y, mostly over grad school stuff, so I'm trying to get that done ASAP because I can't waaaaait to have that off my back. And Model UN stuff is always way stressful, so I'm ready to have that done with too (and pumped to go to Boston and DC!!!). I like my yoga class because it helps relieve stress but it was way painful today and I was incredibly hungry afterwards. HOWEVER Lang now has Uncrustables again! This legitimately made my day. Union veg options are pretty lacking most days so that option is always a good one. Also the Union had good Indian food for lunch today, which was the first time I'd had that there. That was a pleasant surprise.

Right now I'm just really happy about having this whole evening to myself to do what I need to do in my room. Tomorrow will be busybusy...and I need to go argue with Registration and Records which let me tell you I cannot wait for. About my overloading stuff. I really don't want to have to pay for extra credits...since I don't have any. Okay, I digress.

Oh and the phrase "President Obama" makes me kind of giddy inside. I don't love politicians in general but so far I'm really happy with the direction he's taking. I was so pissed on inauguration day that I had class all day and stuff in the evening and couldn't sit in front of CNN. As a side note, the Union played his inaug speech during lunch...on FoxNews. Errrgghhhh.

That's enough for now. :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


It's been one of those days that is just weird and out of the ordinary. We are talking about sexual deviancy and sexual variance in abnormal psych, so that is awkward and makes for an, um, interesting hour and a half. Personality class was good, I was happy with my exam we got back, and we don't have class on Thurs so that's nice. Then, I went back to my house and needed to kill an hour before lunch, so I decided to take a nice walk to Walgreens since it's gorgeous out. I only needed tampons, yet I came back with those and a very neato purse/ hobo bag? thing from India with elephants on it. I like it very much, and I rarely buy anything besides necessities, so that was kind of exciting and spontaneous. I next had lunch with a large group of German high schoolers. They are visiting their sister school in Parma and came to BW for a day. I helped some of them navigate the union food system (recommended also that no one eat the breakfast food), so that was interesting. Can I just say that my knowledge of the German word for "garlic" came in handy today???
Also, at lunch, the guy next to me was talking auf Deutsch and I nodded and agreed with him and he went "you can understand me???!" I was like "...yeah...". It was amusing. Anyway, I came to work and chatted with Alyssa and Dr. Hollender and that was fun, then the phone rang and I talked to a kid who graduated from Bowling Green HS and wants to learn Japanese. I told him what I know about studying abroad. That was kind of odd, he was very nice though. I also helped an old lady here for the ILR (learning in retirement?) class find the elevator. Went to the union to recycle ink cartridges and return dishes to the cafeteria (why did the foreign language department have them? I do not know.) and saw Kevin in the bookstore and creeped by Alyssa working in the cyber cafe. And now I am here on livejournal waiting for work to be done. Night class should be interesting tonight, I can't believe I give my big seminar presentation in TWO WEEKS AAAAAAAAHHHH (really should start that).

Life lesson from my last really weird day: if your car is being crazy and stopped at an intersection and won't MOVE and your keys won't come out of the ignition.......make sure you're in park. not drive.

Can't believe my junior year is almost over....wow. Starting to think about life after BW, it's a little scary but exciting.

Oh yeah, I'm officially going to Geneva, Switzerland next semester :) :) :) Four months in Europe....!!!! So crazy.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

6:36PM - snow snow snow ice

So it's basically like being inside a giant snow globe in Berea right now...
I was supposed to leave for Mississippi with my alternative spring break group this morning but there was no way we could make it out of Ohio with this CRAZY blizzard. It hasn't stopped snowing since yesterday afternoon and it's soooooo windy. So basically, I've been getting random little things done today like cleaning my desk, dusting, organizing stuff, getting pics off my phone (I figured out bluetooth! woo!), and relaxing.
I'm heading to Jana's for a lovely dinner of pancakes and other randomness and I'm quite excited!! I'm also hoping I don't get lost in any snowdrifts, which is a definite possibility at this point.
We might leave tonight at midnight, which scares me a little, but I can sleep in the car hopefully. I kinda like being snowed in here, I can actually relax and get some stuff done, but if they decide to leave tonight then I guess that'll be okay. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to go to Mississippi but I really like this snow day :)
Main goal for the night: watch at least 3 episodes of the Office!!! I have to finish season 3 soon...
Off to Jana's to get lost in the snow!

Current mood: happy

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I am writing this post for two main reasons:
I haven't updated in a long time (lj tells me it's been 15 weeks)
I just had a really yummy lunch from Lang, which is not normally the case. Chicken parmesan sandwich (on garlic bread mmm) and onion rings. And raspberry iced tea. I didn't say it was healthy.

Now I'll talk about school since that's pretty much what I do...
So far my semester is going pretty well. Oh, last semester ended pretty crazy but it all turned out okay. My thesis paper was 49 pages when I turned it in but I got a good grade so that was rockin. It was a good experience, but very stressful. Very. And my case study I was writing turned out okay. Meh. I'm going to submit both of them to B-W's Journal thing and see what happens there.
But anyway, this semester, much less stressful. Probably due to lack of thesis and lack of honors classes. My schedule is pretty good time-wise also; 8 a.m. class at least only happens twice a week instead of three times... and T/Th are better days for that for me. Tuesday is my craziest day (class 8-11:40 UN class 11:45-12:45 work from 1-4 and night class 6:15-8:45) but it's really not so bad because I have downtime at work. And I have a nice break from 10:25-2:00 MWF, which is great. On to this semester's classes:
Psych of Learning: Not too bad thus far, but I'm wary of his exams. No papers at all, which is very confusing to me. I'm not super-interested in the topic, but it's interesting enough. Ashley and Megan from thesis class are in my class, so that's cool.
German (Novelle seminar): Not bad so far. There's a really wide range of abilities so it's not as bad as 376 (Modern Lit) was... not as much reading so far, etc. The story we're reading now is decent. Anyway, actually being able to GO to German class all 3 days a week is infinitely better than last semester's set-up.
Abnormal Psych and Personality Psych: Both pretty interesting. Workload seems okay. Just lots of textbook reading. Both also good profs.
History of Africa: Ah I love this class so far. I really enjoy history, and Africa is also very interesting to me. I'm doing a seminar paper/presentation on the role of the Peace Corps in Africa.

Oh yeah, Model UN too: I think I'm doing okay for Harvard prep. Need to do some more research but I know what I mainly need to say in the position paper, woo hoo! I'm pretty excited to go to Boston and DC (not thinking about missing classes...eek)

Work is deserted today as it was on Thursday... which is totally fine with me. I shall now go read my German... I love having my "own" office here (the real secretary only works mornings so the student secretaries get to chill in the main FL office).

Oh, I also had a very good winter break. As I hope all of you did! My mom and I made a gingerbread house, I had adventures with many lovely friends, I went to Pittsburgh and saw Steve...etc...

I also have my exciting plan for next semester... I will hopefully hear soon if it will work out :) :)

Current mood: caffeinated

Saturday, July 21, 2007

4:04PM - I should be packing...

...but instead I'm doing this Read more...Collapse )

Monday, June 11, 2007


Yeeeeep, so I'm here. I never know how to start these entries. I'm kind of killing time while my iPod charges so I can listen to music while I sort through crap in my bedroom.
I have an actual job this summer, shocking, I know. I'm a research assistant at B-W for an early childhood intervention study/program. I like it; it's laid-back and flexible (my kinda work). I'm also babysitting, as per usual- every Thursday for the one and only Peter and his siblings and whenever else people call me. Sadly, my lovely little Ellie is in Canada until August.
Other than that, I'm happy I'm finally done with schoolwork as of last Monday. Geology was a good class, but the motivation level was a bit low by the end of May when classes ended May 4 or something. Oh, I went to Iceland. It was lovely. This was with the geology class; we were there a week. I have a million and one pictures, the best are on facebook (if you somehow missed them with my not-so-subtle hints everywhere to look at them :) ). Actually, where I really wish I was right now is in Guatemala with the mission group from my church. Speaking of Latin America, Steve's in Mexico until July 5th, which has given me extra free time that confuses me.
Catherine, Margaret, Julie, and I played mini-golf last night. We are awesome. I cannot wait to see the pictures...well, actually, I probably look ridiculous, but it was fun.
Erin and Andy's grad party was lots of fun. Julie and I got caught up on the high school scene, haha.
Amanda's home...yay! I need to see her lovely face asap.
Life has been interesting. I guess it always is, though. My stress level has overall dropped, though there are now some big questions nagging at me (i.e. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE, small stuff like that). It's all just been kind of confusing.
It's really nice out, but I'm not sure if I want to walk alone, or bike alone, or be a bum. I really ought to work on my room (which has really been my mantra for the past however many years of my life).
Oh yeah, and my cell phone kind of sucks and generally fails to get reception in my house...soo...yeah. This MAY be due to me dropping it in a puddle last October, but I like to think it's not.
It's just so weird to see everyone graduating and remember how everything was two years ago....

Current mood: nostalgic

Friday, March 30, 2007


hmm... i have no idea what to do with free time. still. you'd think i'd learn. mostly, i'm still tired but still should at least read some econ (i only have 4 chapters to read..aaaahhhh....no monetary policy, let's pretend we never covered that and move on to international trade please). i don't know, it's been an interesting week. every week feels long, which to me is good. monday...i thoroughly enjoyed playing frisbee with john and steve and being able to wear flip-flops, then had my german honor society induction and my mom came and we got to talk a lot and that was lovely. tuesday was sort of a 360 with my mood, i basically freaked out about everything, but i got over it. o, and i got to see the house i'm in next year. i think that'll be ok. somehow i got the single room, which was a huge, huge relief (yeah ok i like my space i guess). it'll be nice to have a kitchen and just a couch to sit on to study. and hopefully a table to eat my cereal at. (cereal is very important in my life.) steve will be living a looot closer to me on campus, which is nice to have a 5-7 minute walk there instead of 15-ish. hmm wednesday i scheduled and got the classes i need. i'll have 2 honors classes, a data analysis class that i have to take (but it's a night class so i can work t/th again...income is good), my thesis, and german translation (quasi-independent study due to stupid class conflict...i can go to class 1/3 days a week). so it'll be hard, but it'll also be stuff i'm really interested in. honors #1 is very very unfortunately at 8 a.m., but it's problem solving and i think will be really good to challenge myself in a new way. aaaand steve and jessica (my awesome commuter buddy) are both there. yay. honors #2 is called narratives and neurons and involves writing neurological case studies. i hope i'll like it. sooo my 18 credit hours shouldn't be too bad? and i'll hopefully be going to lake erie model united nations in november so i'll have that minimester b as well. so glad that prof. burke is still letting me be on the team even if i'm not taking the class 'til next year. i'm hoping to convince jessica to take it with me. i seriously can't believe that i had 5 classes picked out, and 2 are at one time and 2 are at another. what are the odds? well, good, evidently. so yeah, scheduling stinks but i'm done for this sem. no summer classes for me either, but i hopefully can meet with one of my psych profs to talk about being a research assistant over the summer. it will probably pay beans for the amount i'll work, but i don't care. dr. dwyer is super cool anyway. anyway sooo thursday about the only thing worth talking about (unless making copies is noteworthy...) is that i met with dr. oldrieve, an english prof involved with the honors program, to talk about my project for discover iceland so i can get honors credit. our original plan was soooooooooo awesome but plan 2 is cool too. i'm going to read two icelandic sagas and relate them to their current culture and to the geologic phenomena. hopefully next spring i'll do an independent study and dr. o and i will learn icelandic together!!!! i want to look at its relationship to german (nerdy linguistic fact: icelandic is a germanic language that hasn't evolved like german, english, swedish, etc. have since it's been on the island. so it's basically the same as old english. i should have gone to a school with a linguistics major.). so that's actually really exciting for me. and i'm even more excited to go to iceland. and today i went to honors day to see john and jana get scholarships and had my last geology quiz yaaaay and now really really should do some homework while steve is still at his honor society induction. i'm more nervous than i should be about covering berea service day for the exponent tomorrow. i just am hoping for no rain.
picture is in honor of julie coming here on sunday and we played on the playground.
end long entry.

Current mood: nerdy

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Alive. Basically.
If I knew what I was doing with my education and what I wanted to do after I graduate, my life would be much easier at the moment.
But, for now, I ought to do my homework and be a good little student. Sigh.
If only the rain would gooooooo awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....

Anyway, I guess I wish someone could help me with all these decisions, but I have to make them myself.

I can't decide if I'm lonely here or if I like having time to myself. I don't really see much of anyone besides Steve, but usually I'm okay with that.

Tomorrow I'm going to the International Film Festival in Cleveland for the third time in a week...pretty excited. I'm still angry that I can't go on LOLLY THE TROLLEY but oh well, the World's Best Commercials will be better anyway.

I'm hungry, but procuring food would involve leaving Dietsch... however, I think I should, since I can't leave while I work from 2-4. Caffeine may be in order today.

Have a lovely day, all.

Current mood: confused

Monday, February 26, 2007


I'm alive :)
I went to Boston for the Harvard Model UN Conference, and it was a really good experience. This semester is soooo much work, but it's almost spring break! And spring break means I get to go to OSU and see Amanda!! And Ashley!!!!
Hmm, other than that, I'm getting out of the dorms for next year- woo hoo! That should be good.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I am so very tired of the inconsiderate assholes who live on my floor.

I would VERY much like to get the hell out of this building.

And, the study abroad office is irritating me.

Other than that, life is fine.

The end.

[Turn off your damn music please, it's midnight.]

[I will not live here again next year. Under any circumstances.]

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Hmm. I went to Pittsburgh this past weekend and had fun. I got to see penguins at the zoo :) Steve and I went to First Night in Akron with Megan, Amanda, and Ashley, and it was good. Mom and I went to Grove City yesterday after taking Steve home. I now own two earflap hats. Amazing. My birthday was good and Christmas was good. All I've done this break is shop, mostly looking for proper clothing for the Harvard conference in February. I may actually be done, yeehaw! I now almost have a "big-girl" wardrobe. I'm excited for the new semester and year ahead of me. If no one hears from me until mid-May, it's related to my taking 18 credits including two honors courses, plus Model UN and associated preparations, and (unfortunately) doing pep band.
Here's to an improvement over 2006.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Blehhh being sick is no fun. BUT I got to babysit Ellie last night and she is super adorable. And I'm going to Pittsburgh next Thursday :-D That's about all I've got.

Current mood: sick-ish

Thursday, December 7, 2006


Very bad idea: not wearing boots today to walk across campus to work in Dietsch. The roads looked bad, and that was at 11 a.m. Geez, really glad I wasn't driving today. They actually had me doing WORK today...wow...I guess this is my last day working for $5.15 an hour though *shrug*. I won't actually be making more next semester because they have to cut hours. Whatever, I guess. So much homework and stuff to do before next Friday. After Monday, though, I'll feel better to some extent.

Current mood: good

Monday, December 4, 2006


Ahh the semester can be over any time now....
Two politics papers to do (one's a revision) plus a pretty major final, two position papers for UN that are stressing me out a whole lot plus infinite research (plus I don't know Spanish and couldn't read the article he sent out today...sigh), reading plus a quiz for psych, an exam for stats on wednesday then a cumulative final, oh, and german, but if i do the reading this week i shouldn't have a problem.

Okay, I'm done complaining. I'm happy it's snowing, and it's now nice and warm in my (poopy) room. Should hear from res life soon...keeping my fingers crossed. Done with exponent this semester, YAY YAY YAY. Probably will do news writing next semester...must speak with matthew about that this week. Other than that...I'm so ready to go home. I really hope I don't have to move out over break though...I have enough stress, believe me.

I might eat a brownie now... :-D

Current mood: stressed

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Wow, so four hours is a long time to sit here at the desk of Dietsch...I made one set of copies and talked to a PSEO student...that's all I've done work-wise in the last 3.5 hours. Soo glad I normally am only here 2.5 hours...anyway since I can't stand these boring articles I ought to read any longer...I'm going to do a Christmas survey that I stole from Adam..
pretty sweet, huh?Collapse )

Current mood: hungry

Thursday, November 9, 2006


Hey maybe this productivity will be a lasting improvement- while working I did a spreadsheet for Dr. Hollender, worked on my German story (which I wrote most of this morning), and wrote a 600 word article for the exponent on the lecture I saw last night. And now I'm going to start reading for my psych test Monday. Yeah, basically I was just proud of myself for actually doing what I need to get done somewhat in advance. I'm trying to make it a habit.
AND the last marching band practice is tonight.
AND it's lovely outside :)

Current mood: productive

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween...
Although in reality, I forgot it was Halloween until Dr. Krutky gave me candy at our meeting. There are way too many options right now for me, between majors and studying abroad... I suppose I will figure it all out eventually. Right now I don't know if I can handle being in Germany alone for five months...that's a looong time. So..I guess we'll see. I have a lot of semi-important things on my mind lately so I've been pretty stressed. But....Steve surprised me with candy and an amusing card today :) Realistically, I need to eat some M&M's now. Mmmmmm. Marching band is aaaalmost over, and I will breathe a lot easier once that's the case. A LOT. It did hail on us on Saturday, which was fun. And by fun, I mean freezing. We've only played two halftime shows this season, and one was with the alumni band so we didn't really march a show. siiiiiiigh. I still haven't found out what committee I am for the Harvard conference yet..so we'll see. I also should hear in mid-November-ish if there's a chance of getting into E-haus next semester. And I'll hear next week if a German class is canceled, so then I should know my schedule for next sem...it is gonna be killer either way, but I think I'll like my classes...and I have to go to the stupid health center tomorrow and get a TB test as well. Hoooray. There's a tiny chance Steve won't have a tour and could go with me.

The question it will all come down to is whether or not I can defy everyone's expectations and do it all...

Current mood: full of M&M's :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006


As I am looking at classes offered next semester, I have become utterly confused...they are offering Ice Skating. Second Minimester. IN THE REC CENTER...room to be announced.
What????? If it didn't conflict with German and Model UN, I would honestly consider taking it.


Dr. T= my hero...IF it works out, this geology class next sem would count for 1. My IS major 2. My (only) science class (plus lab which I need) and 3. An Honors class...amazing. Simply amazing. Now..to plan out my classes for the next forever...this week has been really crazy but it's okay. Last night was fun- German club dinner (the dumpling soup was AMAZING...made out of stuff we ought to eat in the US more often) then Steve's :) Lovely, lovely night and morning thus far, except for running to work. It's really nice that I have to sit here at the desk and either get homework or stuff on the computer done...AND I am learning how to use the copy machine slowly but surely. I think I need to meet with three different advisors next week...eep.

Current mood: productive

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